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Van Rye Publishing, LLC (“VRP”) makes every effort via its website to provide you with the information you need about VRP’s editing, formatting, and publishing services and products and how you can use them. If you have been unable to find the information you need or are still undecided about whether you should use VRP’s services, then please send your questions and/or comments to VRP at the most relevant email address listed below. VRP will respond as soon as possible.



By Email


  • For questions or comments about VRP or its services and products, please use this email address.


  • To submit your book manuscript to VRP, please use this email address. (Note: Before submitting your book manuscript, please review the “Instructions for Submissions” listed under the SUBMIT tab of this website.)


  • For questions or comments about VRP’s website, please use this email address. VRP would like to ensure that its website and the information it provides are as user-friendly as possible. So VRP would appreciate being notified if something at its website is not working or could be improved.


  • If you are interested in working for VRP and want to find out if VRP is currently hiring for a position that suits you, please use this email address.


VRP looks forward to hearing from you!


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