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Introduction to Samples


Van Rye Publishing, LLC (VRP) exists to edit, format, or fully publish your book manuscript. It does so by offering four different service options for you to choose from based on your book publishing needs. If you have not already done so, please visit the ABOUT and SERVICES tabs of this website to find out whether VRP’s editing, formatting, or publishing services are right for your book manuscript. Then return to this SAMPLES tab to see samples from books that VRP has edited, formatted, and published. Then head to the SUBMIT tab of this website for details about how to submit your manuscript to VRP.




(1) Books

To view samples of VRP print book and e-book editing, formatting, and publishing, click on the green links to the right of the book covers shown below. Doing so will take you to retailer product pages for these books, where you can view and download samples. For print book samples, you should visit these books Amazon product pages and use the free Look Inside feature to view random selections of pages from the print books interiors. For e-book samples, you should instead visit these books’ Amazon or Google Play product pages and download the free samples available there directly to your e-reading device or to a free e-reading app (like the Amazon Kindle app or the Google Play Books app) so you can see how VRP e-books actually look on an e-reading platform.


Negotiating for Success

(Amazon Best Seller!)

Winslow Farm

(Amazon Best Seller!)

book publishing company - religious romance book
book publishing company - negotiation book

Dinosaurs 101

(Amazon Best Seller!)

Experiencing Surrogacy

(Amazon Best Seller!)

book publishing company - science book
book publishing company - health book

The Science of Success

(Amazon Best Seller!)

The Rescue Man

(Amazon Best Seller!)

book publishing company - self help book
book publishing company - history book

Extreme Entrepreneurship

(Amazon Best Seller!)

Nights under Peach Trees

(Amazon Best Seller!)

book publishing company - poetry book
book publishng company - entrepreneurship book

Retailer Links:

The Three Pillar Model

(Amazon Best Seller!)

International Business Law

(Amazon Best Seller!)

book publishing company - business book
book publishing company - law book

Nicks Heart

(Amazon Best Seller!)

Nicks Choice

(Amazon Best Seller!)

book publishing company - romance book
book publishing company - romance book

Employers and the Law

(Amazon Best Seller!)

Negociar, ruta hacia el éxito

(Amazon Best Seller!)

book publishing comany - human resources book
book publishng company - spanish book

(2) Authors


VRP has edited, formatted, and published books for a wide variety of authors, including everyone from world-renowned university professors, university deans, business owners, business leaders, consultants, scientists, relationship coaches, spiritual leaders, and museum curators to budding novelists, poets, and historians. VRP-published authors whose books are featured on this page include the following:









published books / van rye publishing