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Introduction to Frequently Asked Questions


Van Rye Publishing, LLC (“VRP”) makes every effort via its website to provide you with the information you need about VRP’s editing, formatting, and publishing services and products and how you can use them. If you have been unable to find the information you need or are still undecided about whether you should use VRP’s services, this tab of VRP’s website provides answers to some frequently asked questions about VRP and its services and products.



Frequently Asked Questions


(1) Why should I use VRP’s book publishing services for my book manuscript?


Here are ten reasons you should use VRP’s book publishing services for your book manuscript:

  • #1. VRP publishes books in the most popular print and e-book formats.

  • #2. VRP books are available internationally at retailers and to libraries.

  • #3. VRP has published best sellers in over sixty book categories.

  • #4. VRP has published books for university-level courses with a combined enrollment of over one million students.

  • #5. VRP books undergo rigorous editing, formatting, and cover designing.

  • #6. VRP protects its authors by registering book copyrights in their names.

  • #7. VRP provides its authors with complimentary copies of their books.

  • #8. VRP staff members are directly available to its authors at all times.

  • #9. VRP can publish and market your book for completely free.

  • #10. VRP has published books authored by everyone from world-renowned university professors, university deans, business owners, business leaders, attorneys, consultants, scientists, relationship coaches, spiritual leaders, and museum curators to budding novelists, poets, and historians.


(2) What book publishing services and royalties does VRP offer?


VRP is a book publishing company that exists to edit, format, or fully publish your book manuscript. VRP does so by offering five different service options for you to choose from based on your book publishing needs. Whether you are interested in self-publishing your book or in having your book fully published by an established publishing company, VRP can meet your needs with one or more of its five service options. For an overview and comparison of VRP’s five service options, you can view VRP’s Services Chart by clicking the green link here.



(3) Where and in what formats are VRP-published books available?


Books that VRP publishes under Service Option 3 (“Full Publication”) or Service Option 4 (“Shared Publication”) are available internationally in the most popular print and e-book formats. Book retailers and distributors where you can find VRP-published books include Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Walmart, IndieBound,, Google Play, Apple, Kobo, Everand, OverDrive, Baker & Taylor, Ingram Content Group, and more.


(4) Do I have to pay VRP to publish or market my book?


No. If you do not want to pay to publish your book, simply submit your book manuscript to VRP for consideration under Service Option 3 (“Full Publication”). If VRP accepts your book manuscript for publication under that service option, then VRP will publish and market your book for completely free, and you will receive a standard royalty. Under Service Option 3 (“Full Publication”), you will never pay a single cent for VRP to publish and market your book.



(5) Is there any difference between VRP’s free Service Option 3 (“Full Publication”) and VRP’s paid Service Option 4 (“Shared Publication”) other than fees and royalties?


No. Under both VRP Service Option 3 (“Full Publication”) and Service Option 4 (“Shared Publication”), you receive the exact same high-quality publishing and marketing services, as shown on the VRP Services Chart available by clicking the green link here. The only differences between Service Options 3 and 4 are who contributes to the publication costs (VRP alone under Service Option 3, or both the author and VRP under Service Option 4) and the percentage of gross revenues the author receives (which is much higher under Service Option 4, since the author is contributing a portion of the publication costs).



(6) How do I submit my book manuscript to be considered for VRP’s publishing services?


To submit your book manuscript to VRP, follow the simple three-step submission instructions shown on the SUBMIT tab of VRP’s website. If you would like to jump to that tab now, click on the green link here.



(7) Is there any type of book manuscript VRP will not consider or accept for its publishing services?


A list of manuscript types that VRP will not consider or accept is shown toward the bottom of the SUBMIT tab of VRP’s website. If you would like to jump to that tab now, click on the green link here.



(8) If VRP accepts my book manuscript, how long will it take VRP to fulfill its publishing services?


The time it takes VRP to fulfill its services for your book manuscript will depend on the volume of manuscripts VRP is working on and on the length and complexity of your manuscript. For Service Option 3 (“Full Publication”) and Service Option 4 (“Shared Publication”), VRP allots a standard period of six months to publish a book manuscript but often reaches publication sooner than that. Under all five of its service options, VRP will provide you with an estimated date of completion and will make every effort to fulfill its services in the quickest possible time.

(9) If VRP declines my book manuscript for its publishing services, will VRP explain why?


If you submit your book manuscript to VRP for any of its five service options, there is no guarantee that VRP will ultimately accept your manuscript for the service(s) you are interested in using. In cases where VRP reviews a manuscript and declines it for the service(s) you are interested in using, VRP will inform you of that decision. However, VRP is not always able to provide you with detailed reasoning behind such decisions. In some cases, VRP declining a manuscript does not mean there is anything wrong with the manuscript, only that VRP does not feel the manuscript matches VRP’s present needs at the time of review. Many book manuscripts VRP declines go on to become successful books!



(10) If VRP declines to publish my book manuscript under its free Service Option 3 (“Full Publication”), will VRP be willing to publish the manuscript under its paid Service Option 4 (“Shared Publication”)?


No. VRP is NOT a vanity press that will publish any and all manuscripts submitted to it for a fee. Instead, under both VRP Service Option 3 (“Full Publication”) and Service Option 4 (“Shared Publication”), VRP invests thousands of dollars of its own budget into publishing and marketing each book it accepts. Therefore, as a budgeting matter, if VRP declines to publish your book manuscript under Service Option 3 (“Full Publication”), then VRP automatically also declines to publish the manuscript under Service Option 4 (“Shared Publication”).

(11) Why is the fee for VRP Service Option 4 (“Shared Publication”) priced the way it is?


If you choose to use VRP Service Option 4 (“Shared Publication”), the “per word” fee you pay is roughly equivalent to what you would likely pay just to have your book manuscript properly edited somewhere. But for that fee under VRP Service Option 4 (“Shared Publication”), you instead receive all of the thousands of dollars’ worth of publishing and marketing services shown on the VRP Services Chart at the green link here. In other words, the fee you pay under Service Option 4 (“Shared Publication”) is a fraction of the thousands of dollars’ worth of overall publishing and marketing services you are receiving in return. And VRP does not profit at all from that fee. Instead, every cent of the fee you pay goes toward the cost of publishing and marketing your book. Or, if you would prefer not to pay at all, simply choose VRP Service Option 3 (“Full Publication”) instead, and you can receive all of those same high-quality publishing and marketing services for completely free.

(12) How does VRP decide the retail price for my VRP-published book?


VRP aims to set its books at prices that will earn the most revenue for its authors. In deciding those price points, VRP uses a variety of factors. Those factors include: how books of similar genres, subject matter, and formats are priced; what price point the algorithms from major retailers like Amazon suggest will maximize revenue from your book; how much it will cost to print and distribute your book; and how well your book is already selling at a certain price point. Based on factors like these, most VRP-published print books will initially or eventually be priced in the $10–$30 range, and corresponding e-books will initially or eventually be priced in the $2.99–$9.99 range. Over time, VRP will likely adjust a book’s price upward or downward based on how well the book is selling or during marketing campaigns. In addition, VRP’s authors may suggest prices for their books if, for example, they would like the price temporarily lowered for promotional purposes.

(13) Do VRP’s book publishing services involve any book file buy-back requirements or hidden fees?

No. You need to be aware of and watch out for “publishing company” tricks. One trick is that a company will ask you to sign a publishing contract with an enticingly-high royalty and an easy way for you to get out of the contract. But the contract might also require an exorbitant upfront fee and/or contain a clause requiring you to buy your book files (cover and formatted manuscript) from the company at a significant cost should you ever terminate the contract. The company will then barely edit your manuscript (if at all), will slap a ready-made cover on it, and will minimally fulfill its contractual obligations so that you will want to terminate your contract and might end up buying your book files. By that point, with little time and effort, the company has succeeded in making you pay a lot of money for low-quality book services and files.

You also need to be aware that VRP is NOT one of those companies. As any VRP-published author would tell you, VRP books undergo a rigorous editing, formatting, and tailor-made cover design process. And VRP’s publishing contracts do not contain book file buy-back requirements, hidden fees, hidden agendas, or similar such tricks of any kind. Instead, VRP’s utmost interest is in delivering high-quality book publishing services to satisfied authors. That is one of the many reasons why everyone from budding novelists to world-renowned university professors have used VRP’s services for their book publishing needs.

(14) If I still have not found the information I need about VRP or its services and products, how can I get my question(s) answered?

Have you browsed through all tabs of this website and the answers to the frequently asked questions above but still can’t find the information you need about VRP or its services and products? Then head to this website’s CONTACT tab and feel free to email your question(s) to VRP at the email address listed there that pertains to your query. If you would like to jump to that tab now, click on the green link here. VRP will be happy to assist you.

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