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Introduction to Submissions


Van Rye Publishing, LLC (“VRP”) exists to edit, format, or fully publish your book manuscript. It does so by offering four different service options for you to choose from based on your book publishing needs. If you have not already done so, please visit the ABOUT and SERVICES tabs of this website to find out whether VRPs editing, formatting, or publishing services are right for your book manuscript. Then return to this SUBMIT tab and review the sections below to find out how to submit your manuscript to VRP.

Instructions for Submissions


After you have visited the SERVICES tab of this website to select the VRP service option(s) you are interested in using for your book manuscript, complete the following three simple steps to submit your manuscript to VRP for review:

  • Step 1: Attach a Microsoft Word version of your full and complete book manuscript to an email.

  • Step 2: In the body of the email, tell VRP the number and name of the VRP service option(s) that you are interested in using for your book manuscript, as well as any additional information you would like VRP to know about your manuscript, about you, or about your book publishing needs.

Next Steps


Once VRP has received your submission, it will send a reply email to you. The reply email will provide you with a “Next Steps” sheet that further details the steps involved with the VRP service option(s) you are interested in using for your book manuscript. In the case of a book manuscript submitted for Service Option 3 (“Full Publication”) or Service Option 4 (“Shared Publication”), the reply email will also provide a sample VRP publishing contract for you to review. From there, VRP will review your manuscript to determine whether it will accept the manuscript for the service(s) you are interested in using. And VRP will email a related offer or rejection to you as soon as possible.

Please note the following:

  • VRP will never, at any time, disclose your personally identifiable information or the contents of your book manuscript to anyone outside of VRP without your approval.

  • At this stage, you are submitting your book manuscript to VRP for review only. Your submission of a manuscript at this stage does not guarantee that VRP will accept the manuscript for the service(s) you are interested in using. Nor does your submission obligate you to use VRPs service(s).

VRP looks forward to receiving your manuscript!

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